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Chip Repairs

So, you have a crack/chip windshield. . .

Q: I have a rock chip, can the chip grow?

A: Yes the area where the chip is created can expand.

Q: How long is the chip repair process?

A: Time varies on the type of the crack on the glass, Estimate time 15 to  30 min.

Q: How soon should i repair the crack on the my windshield?

A: There is no tell when the crack should be repaired, Some can grow in days others can take months or years... But it is recommended to repair as soon as possible to prevent any growth.

Q: Why should i repair the cracks on my windshield?

1: You are able to keep the factory seal 

2. You extend the life of the glass.

3. By repairing the glass it is eco-friendly and reduces any glass in land-fields...

Q: How soon am i able to drive my car? 

A: Once we complete with the repair you are able to drive.

Q: Do i have to go to your shop?

A: No, we are mobile, we can have the service at home, work, or while shopping. We make it easy for you.

Q: Is the service warranty?

A: Yes, our servicese have a lifetime warranty and if the area repaired is continues to grow. We will replace or repair the are a at no cost. 

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