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Auto glass Union

We are starting to make a new change in our direction to improve  technicians to a better their skills and techniques. 

AA Tornament is a great way to change our perpective of the Auto Glass installers.

A head to head challange is the key to demostrate your skills, company word of mouth, street cred.

Our challenges and competitions will be streamed live on our channel to the public, this will be a perfect way to directly expose our service to various channels giving a bost to sales and word of mouth to the correct viewer. 

Our tournament is full of surprices 

We have a prize to the winner of the event 

You can challage one or two techs 

we set an chart of techs that will participate

all these events have their prizes 


Our Challenges will have rules and will be marked in a scoring card

We will score on the following 

  1. Product knowledge ( Tools and seals)

  2. Vehicle inspection ( pre inspection and final inspection)

  3. Cleanliness (protection of vehicle and ppe)

  4. Removal (safely dismantling glass)

  5. Steps (procedure process)

  6. installment (preparation of glass and vehicle)

  7. Customer service (Brief presentation to customer)

  8. Sales (Up sales of product)

  9. final presentation (walk through of ending of process, final inspection)

Our events will be all around the US with challenger option to pick the location. 

of the competitors who wins the challenge will be added to our main tournament (Optional to winner)

Our main pourpose is to gather techs all over the US and connect, giving ou industry exposure to our specialty service. As Auto Glass technicians we can not be described as an Aftermarket industry or have our service obsorb by the Auto Motive Repair Umbrella. 

As technicians we deserve our own Category as Auto Glass Specialty. This head to head challenge will create the exposure and importance of our proper steps, and guidelines to the Private as well as corporate markets.


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