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Windshield repair 
We provide a life time warantry to the repair, is the crack continues to grow, we will either re-repair or replace ( We shall add the repair cost as a credit to the install)

Windshield replacement
Warranty will cover to installment of the glass, Coverage will be for water leaks and air leaks, for the life of the vehicle. Glass is also warrantied for any defects (Distortions, wavy glass) or issues with glass attachments for Rain sensor, lane departure sensor, Heated wiper blades. Glass shall be removed at no cost to the customer. 

Door Glass

If glass is difective and creates pressure or stress to the mechanism to the regulator. Part will be exchange at its earliest. 

Calibration LDWS

Since we do not callibrate windshields we do not warranty the service, for the following

Camera activation

Attachments to glass other than rain sensor , Heated wipper blades, Condensation sensors or HUD.

Extended Warranty

We offer an extended warranty to some of the customers durring and after service performe, Take advantage to the benefits right after the service was perform.


Glass will be removed if there are defrost unit has issues or anttena . Glass will be changed to a different glass manufature to assure no future isssues occure 

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