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Windshield Replacement 

Common questions,.....

Q: How long is the process and do I have you drive to your location?

A: The service varies depending on vehicle model and is attachments, average time per installment is at 1hr 1/2 to 2hrs.

Our service is strictly mobile, we go to you.


This will reduce headaches, lost time and having to wait after the installment to drive safely. 

Q: Where is the glass made? 

  A: Majority of Auto glass is produced over sea's, even American Companies.​ It really depends on the manufacture.

Q: Does Chinese glass come defective?

  A: Not all Chinese glass is defective, for some well know American auto glass manufactures also produce defective glass. Ex. Pilkington, PPG(PGW), ect...

  Q: Is the service warrantied?

  A: Yes, we focus on quality and we warranty all of our services for the life of the vehicle.

Q: Do i need to let the vehicle sit for a few hours after the installation?

  A: It is recommended to leave the vehicle sit for a period of 1hr to 4hours depending on the seal used during the installment 

  Q: should i only use or trust US made glass?

  A: No, some American manufactures have defective glass.

Q: When should I replace my windshield?

A: Once the crack has reached and end of the glass and exeds more than 3 inches in leight. 

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